Sub-Activities website

The website aims to be a central reference point for the activity, disseminating results from the activity, and sub-activities.

Bounty Support on open-source SATCOM projects

Exploration of an innovative approach for the sustainability of open-source SATCOM projects through the usage of targeted bounty postings and funding

Survey of adoption and expectations about open-source among European SATCOM

This survey will assess the current adoption of Open Source software and practices by various players in the European SATCOM field: industrial, academic and institutional.

Constellation designer/definition on orekit/poliastro

This work will expand the availability and interoperability of Open Source tools to perform SATCOM constellation analysis. It will start by evaluating the current status of Open Source software for high performance, multi-satellite propagation, as well as available tools to read and write the CCSDS OMM format (recently announced to replace the TLE format), and will link these libraries together to assemble an Open Source toolchain to design SatCom constellations according to different orbital patterns.