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The website aims to be a central reference point for the activity, disseminating results from the activity, and sub-activities. Open Source for SATCOM Report SATCOM relevant open-source projects  

Bounty Support on open-source SATCOM projects

Exploration of an innovative approach for the sustainability of open-source SATCOM projects through the usage of targeted bounty postings and funding

Survey of adoption and expectations about open-source among European SATCOM

Ongoing This survey will assess the current adoption of Open Source software and practices by various players in the European SATCOM field: industrial, academic and institutional. This survey aims at assessing the current adoption of Open Source Software & Hardware by various players in the European SatCom field: industrial, academic and institutional. It will provide insight regarding (1) their maturity level with regards to various Open Source models, (2) their level of involvement with Open Source projects, (3) their relations with specific Open Source structures like foundations, but also their strategy in this space, and their expectation regarding ESA’s position in this domain. Every player in the European SatCom ecosystem is invited to take part in the survey, be they familiar with Open Source or not. More info

Constellation designer/definition on orekit/poliastro

This work will expand the availability and interoperability of Open Source tools to perform SATCOM constellation analysis. It will start by evaluating the current status of Open Source software for high performance, multi-satellite propagation, as well as available tools to read and write the CCSDS OMM format (recently announced to replace the TLE format), and will link these libraries together to assemble an Open Source toolchain to design SatCom constellations according to different orbital patterns.

mCU IQ Modulation

This report presents the findings of a series of testings conducted on DACs. More specifically, the tests were designed to investigate the usage of off-the-shelf SoCs (with embedded DACs), in order to generate a digital radio frequency signal (given an IQ bit stream). A thorough analysis of the tests themselves, the processes and the results are presented in the report.

mCU IQ modulation report | firmware code repository | hardware code repository

Data Transmission and PN Ranging for 2 GHZ CDMA link

The goal of this sub-activity is the implementation of the ccsds proposed modulation scheme for PN ranging systems for 2GHz CDMA links as stated in CCSDS 415.1-B-1. The codes for the modulation scheme are a common set of spreading codes. The gr-ccsds GNUradio OOT module will be extended with the addition of pseudo-random codes generation for ranging purposes. Using regenerative or transparent ranging, using the pseudo-random codes, the base station is able to determine the position of a satellite on LEO by calculating the doppler effect and the time delay to receive the code from the satellite. This addition will provide the implementation, in C++, for the generation of the codes, the acquisition of the codes and comparison of transmit, receive codes epochs for ranging delay evaluation. Different codes shall also be implemented for the transmission of telecommands simultaneously with the ranging codes. Codes used include both Gold codes used for the command channel and Maximum Length codes used for the ranging channel.

Open Source Methodologies Board

Description subject to change post ESA input A consultation group providing open-source development insights in the context of satellite communications.

Open Astrodynamics Workshop

Delayed due to pandemic restrictions Facilitation of a workshop featuring prominent open-source astrodynamics solutions. This community-building activity aims to facilitate open-source astrodynamics projects and their growing communities.

nec2 and FreeCAD integration

This activity aims to integrate the nec2 software tool for modelling antennas into the open-source FreeCAD software suite allowing the modeling of antennas within the FreeCAD open-source program.